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Natural wedding photography in East Lothian, Scotland

I am an award winning wedding photographer based in East Lothian, and working all over Scotland and the UK. I tell the story of your wedding, without you being hassled, forced to pose, or be dictated to by me. It is all about you and who you are, and not who or what I want you to be! I am unobtrusive and I want the bride and groom, their wedding party and their guests to be themselves and not notice me. I aim for you to be relaxed about your wedding day photographs, so I can create lovely natural photographs of you and your guests, and tell the story of your day as it actually was. When you first see your photographs I want you to be amazed and surprised at what I have captured.
My background is as a press photographer working for national newspapers and magazines working everywhere from Downing Street to war zones. But for the last ten years I have photographed weddings, in Scotland, England, France, Italy, Sweden and the Bahamas. My story telling skills with a camera are now used for the benefit of Brides and Grooms and their wedding albums. I have gained huge experience and there’s not much that happens at a wedding that surprises me!
My approach to wedding photography is:

Natural wedding photography: I believe that reality has its own beauty and art. I want you to be who you really are, not to conform to my idea of who you should be.

I observe rather than organise, and I don’t direct or dictate. It is your special day and I do not expect you or your guests to change a thing about it to accommodate me.

I avoid cliches and don't expect you or your guests to perform any of the 'hilarious' poses recommended by photography manuals and wedding magazines. I will not ask you to pose spread-eagled against a rose covered brick wall, or get the groom, best man and ushers to jump in the air. (If, however, your friends decide to pose in some weird way, I will, of course, photograph them!)

I will photograph you as a couple, not as two people separated by a wall, pillar, or vast amounts of space!

Of course, we will discuss the timetable and details in advance, and arrange the ‘formal’ group shots of the bride and groom with their families and the bridal party. But I like to keep these to a minimum and always try to take a group photo of everyone.

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I am based in Dunbar, near Edinburgh, and am happy to work at any venue in Scotland and the UK.

Please use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through this site. There’re Questions to ask your prospective Scotland wedding photographer on this page. There’s a gallery of photos from one wedding on the Weddings page, and you can see what previous couples have written about me on my Reviews page.
There’s an 'Advice for Brides and Grooms’ page, with other links to useful tips for couples planning their wedding.

If you’d like to view a complete set of wedding photographs, there’s a virtual album here, or a gallery of images here.

Finally, please get in touch via the contact page and tell me about your plans, and to find out if I am available on your wedding date.

I am a member of the International Wedding Photojournalist Association, one of the few organisations where you have to prove your skills before paying a membership fee, and have won several awards from them.

Just got the album in my hands and had to go in to the bathroom here at work as I am crying...the pictures are so lovely and the layout fantastic, the best album ever.
I know you are brilliant, amazing and the best of the best when it comes to photography BUT I never knew you are this good!!! And most important is that I really feel the love you have put into this. Thank you Simon

Lena and Tomas xxxx

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