Down South....

I headed down to Birmingham and the NEC at the end of February, to visit the UK's biggest photography trade show. I was meant to be there to look at new printing papers and to find out if there were any new albums that met my criteria. But........ you know how many women collect hand bags? Well, I'm the same with camera bags! Put me in a camera shop, or trade fair, and I seem to go weak-kneed. I don't seem to be able to resist the allure of all that padding, zips and velcro! Enough!

I only wasted two hours before my head over-ruled my heart ("there's no such thing as a perfect camera bag / you've got enough already / it's a waste of money") and I moved on - to trying to justify buying body armour when I'm a wedding photographer!

Since I was SO far south (!), I decided to do a round Britain tour visiting friends who seem to think that Scotland is too far away (and cold) to visit. I made it all the way to the south coast near Chichester, saw loads of people in London, and then made my way back north via Suffolk and Huntingdon.

In one of those bizzare moments, I attended a friends 50th birthday party and the first person I saw was Mike, the best man from Paulo and Karen's wedding, 10 days before. How small a world is that?

There's one question that remains unanswered after seeing all these old friends. How come their kids have become so cute?

Below are a couple of pictures of Oliver and Toby, with their dog Otto. Oh, and a photo of Oliver's snake, having it's weekly meal (don't look if you don't like Attenborough's programmes!)

personal photography of friends personal photography of friends
personal photography of friends

Some of the Mum's are pretty cute too! This is my friend Sarah. We met when we were both travel writers, and she's now an acclaimed novelist. You can see her books on Amazon.

I stayed with her and her son Tom in Richmond, and the arguments for and against a third Heathrow runway became immediately clear as I was woken up at 6am by a 747 at about 1000 feet, on it's final approach to landing. I'm told you get used to it when you live there.....

personal photography of friends