Alan and Ginette had already commented on my photographs after seeing the one's I'd posted here. Today they got them all, and sent me this email:

"Dear Simon,

We received our special delivery today at 9.50 am and have spent the past, well almost two hours having the most fantastic, emotional but extremely happy photo viewing session. Fantastic.

Thank you for the surprise, beautiful and the black & white photographs are stunning.

We have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and it has all come flooding back and we cannot thank you enough for capturing our special day.

When we started planning our wedding we knew that we had to have a special location in Scotland, we found that in Duns Castle. The dress of course had to be perfect and Ginnette found just what she wanted and it was stunning. Third on our list was a photographer who would capture the day for us just as we wanted. We are so happy that you were the right choice, we pretty much knew from your web site but then speaking to you by telephone and then meeting you convinced us. You did not let us down Simon and we are so grateful, you are very talented and the fact you are so nice and easy to get along with, well, a great combination.

We read on your web site that
to cut costs on a photographer was not a good idea, we have to say that you have provided us and our family and guests with fantastic photographs and it was worth every penny. Thank you.

I am sure we will be in touch for advice on putting together an album, where to start with these photographs is the real difficulty.

Best wishes and kindest regards.

Alan & Ginnette"

The 'surprise’ which I include for all brides and grooms this year is going down well, and I'll eventually reveal what it is!

Meanwhile, here's a black and white photograph of the ceremony inside
Duns Castle.

Photograph of a wedding ceremony at Duns Castle, Scotland