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Your wedding is like a magazine photo feature…just like these stories I have had published over the years. Every wedding is a story waiting to be told!

The photos below are from my days as a news and features photographer when I would contribute to an eclectic range of papers and magazines.

Every photograph or a collection of photos has to tell a story. A single image often had many elements going on inside it, or it would be simple but rely on the background knowledge of the viewer to understand it. My job was to make the reader appreciate what it was like to have been where I was standing. The photo essays were the same, but with more freedom and time to explain to the reader what was going on, what I was experiencing.
As a wedding photographer I view weddings as "good news" stories, that to my mind are waiting to be covered like any other story. There’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. There are incredible highlights, emotions, details, joy, laughter, tears - and lots of love, emotion and romance. And like any story, they are all there, waiting to unfurl in front of my lens, to tell in my natural wedding photography style.

I am an observational photographer. That is almost the definition of a documentary photographer or photojournalist. I do not expect the bride and groom, or their guests, to behave like paid for models. I do not turn up at a wedding with a specific plan for the pictures and force everyone to pose and do things my way. I watch what happens, taking pictures as the light and the compositions happen in front of me.

Of course, a certain amount of posing is required to arrange the formal and group photos that are part of every wedding, but I try to get that over with as quickly as possible, allowing me to concentrate on my real skill - observing and reacting to what I see.

I have always been friendly, polite and dressed in a suit - that should go without saying, and I hope to raise the perception of the profession both by my photographs and my behaviour.

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